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Are we finally meeting the real John McCain?

Are we finally meeting the real John McCain?

Coach is Right ^ | 7/23/15 | Suzanne Eovaldi

Posted on 7/23/2015, 12:36:07 PM by Oldpuppymax

“None of that is true!. . .I used to meet with him (McCain) in my office at the end of the day and debate with him. . .we debated quite fiercely but there was never any personal prejudice between us; the debate was between two men in a manly style. But after that we were quite friendly.


We didn’t take it personally,” said Tran Trong Duyet, McCain’s jailer, in 2008 when Duyet was aged 75.

But after his release from the Hanoi Hilton (Hoa Lo Prison), John Sidney McCain, Navy pilot and son of Adm. John McCain, Jr., commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific theatre which included Viet Nam…told a much different story. McCain said this about his experiences as a prisoner: “They bounced me from pillar to post, kicking and laughing and scratching…I was beaten every 2-3 hours by different guards.”

His North Vietnamese captor calls this story pure fabrication. Political puffery is the reason given by the military prison director for McCain’s side of the story of his captivity. The race for the White House causes politicians to enhance military exploits, suggested Tran.

In a 1969 front page news story with a Saigon (UPI) dateline, the military publication “STARS & STRIPES” wrote: “The son of the U.S. Commander in the Pacific said despite bombing civilian targets in North Vietnam, he (McCain) has received VERY GOOD MEDICAL TREATMENT since being shot down according to Radio Hanoi.”

This news story confirms the testimony in the pdf file of Eugene Cannon. “Here is one (account) of captured U.S. pilot in North Vietnam. . .LCMDR John Sidney McCain…

(Excerpt) Read more at coachisright.com …

via Are we finally meeting the real John McCain?.

via Are we finally meeting the real John McCain?.

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