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Debra Rae — A Culture Shattered, Part 4

PART 4 of 5

By Debra Rae

July 25, 2015


Part 4 of 5—Legitimizing the Antithesis (2000s)

For breaking through the thick congressional wall on behalf of gay rights, President Obama was dubbed the nation’s “first gay president.” Indeed, he hosted Gay Pride events at the White House, helped bring an end to Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell, signed hate crimes legislation, and mandated visitation rights for partners of LGBT patients. Obama went so far as to appoint the first transgender in an American presidential administration—Amanda Simpson, Senior Technical Advisor to the Department of Commerce.


Although the California Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of an amendment which says, “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California,” gays continued to demand extraordinarily large representation in public and even private arenas. A Zogby-GLCensus Partners poll of over 1500 participants identified legal recognition of same-sex marriage as a primary goal. Accordingly, in reversing his previously held position on marriage, President Obama lent unbridled support for same-sex marriage, likely the most socially fundamental issue of the twenty-first century.

The US Supreme Court unanimously approved a Wisconsin hate-crimes statute (Wisconsin v Mitchell, 2000),[1] and its Lawrence ruling overturned Texas’ same-sex, anti-sodomy law.[2] The Lawrence decision also rendered unenforceable what thirteen other state laws prohibited.[3] In 2003 when the Massachusetts Supreme Court advanced the notion that gay marriage extended civil rights to disadvantaged groups (Goodrich v the Massachusetts Department of Public Health), even authentic advocates of the civil rights movement (Alveda King, for one) were incensed. The growing number of ex-gays proved that homosexuals likely possess no unchangeable characteristics. What’s more, far from disadvantaged, the gay community boasted incomes forty-one percent above the national average. Not robed judges, but God alone grants natural, unalienable rights.[4]

A fair-minded person’s exercise of freedom of conscience is not……………..MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

via Debra Rae — A Culture Shattered, Part 4.

via Debra Rae — A Culture Shattered, Part 4.

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