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The war on Trump

The war on Trump

wnd ^ | July 23, 2015 | Joseph Farah

Posted on 7/24/2015, 7:50:48 PM by Red Steel

I don’t get it.

Why are Democrats giving advice to the Republicans about how dangerous Donald Trump is to the GOP plans for capturing the White House?

Does that make sense?

If you were a Democrat, and you really believed Donald Trump posed a toxic threat to Republican efforts to regain the presidency, why would you warn the GOP about their folly?

Something doesn’t make sense here.

Do you know what I mean?

The establishment media’s at it, too.

We all know how what we euphemistically call “the mainstream media” are really a bunch of partisan Democrat jackals, right? Why are they issuing minute-by-minute alerts to the GOP about how Trump threatens a thousand years of darkness for the Republicans?

I don’t believe anything they say.

Now, look, Donald Trump would not be my designer candidate for reclaiming America after eight years of insidious and relentless attack from inside the Oval Office.

But he is earning broad-based support because his message is resonating with the American people. For all I know, his poll numbers are sky high because he’s energizing citizens who have given up on choosing between Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumber over the past few election cycles.


By the way, do you really see Republican voters rallying around Jeb Bush as their standard-bearer?

Why? He doesn’t get above 12 percent in any Republican polling. So why is there this assumption that he’s the guy to beat? Right now, it looks to me like Donald Trump is the guy to beat. What am I missing?

So don’t listen to all the naysayers on Trump. Check out their motivations instead

(Excerpt) Read more at wnd.com …

via The war on Trump.

via The war on Trump.

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