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A Trump Update – Coach is Right

A Trump Update

August 4, 2015 Coach Collins Leave a comment

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Can you imagine someone who calls herself an attorney wanting to pump her breasts during the middle of a legal deposition in a pending lawsuit? Couldn’t all of that wait just a little longer? After I stopped laughing–and I have to say, I haven’t laughed that hard at the women libbers in a long time–I began to cluck, cluck at the total lack of professionalism this woman exhibited. For she threw down her gender card in an attempt to gain an advantage in a male dominated bastion and Donald Trump walked out on her, as well he should have done. She knew she wasn’t going to win on substance, so she used form, her female form. Wrong headeDONALD TRUMP 6d.

Walk back this new low in opposition research. The more the media losers grasp at very puny straws to put out something like this, the more they have to know they are fighting a losing battle with their politically correct craziness. Mrs. John King could barely control herself in attempting to be “fair” with Mr. Trump, but her insider disdain for a candidate who speaks of and for the people was plainly visible. Dana Bash and all of the other D.C. swamp dwellers are aghast at their inability to take him down!

“Donald Trump tops a state poll of GOP Presidential Candidates in….more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via A Trump Update – Coach is Right.

via A Trump Update – Coach is Right.

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