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….Lerner hails from Massachusetts, and her comments about Lincoln and secession sparked some debate in the press about her political views. Everyone considers her a partisan hack and nothing in her correspondence suggests otherwise, but these statements should have led to a more thoughtful discussion about the current nature of the American “union.” Instead they were treated by the mainstream press as throwaway remarks, little more than quaint examples of an eccentric political mind. The Drudge Report headlined her remarks and some neoconservative blogs defended Lincoln and called Lerner a quack for her blatant misunderstanding of the “slave regime” of the South. After all, if Lincoln and his self-righteous Republican allies had never bloodied the South, we still may have slavery in America!

In reality these comments represent a strain of neglected antebellum Northern American political thought. You see, it was the North, not the South, that first…

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